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Varsha Agro Products

Leading Fresh Vegetables & Fruits Exporters from India.

Varsha Agro Products, is a merchant export trader which has been situated in the location of  Tamil Nadu. It was established in the early months of the year 2010. The export company has its own reputation experience of  10 years in exporting of the following goods and commodities of agricultural productions of India. We are exporting following products Vegetables, Fruits, Coconut.

Our company exports the above said Indian agricultural products to the foreign countries such as Gulf, Dubai, Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia etc. etc. Now a days the international commerce / export and import business involves in global economic development. Our export company is a quality maintaining concern. Our concept of trade is not only the profit oriented but also focussing on the customer and consumer’s satisfaction in consumption. We export mainly the agricultural products of India that reveals the Indian natural circumstantial exposures. We buy the above said agricultural products at reasonable buying rate from Indian agriculturists and also from small retail traders. Our brotherly approach and attitude commit smooth business transactions. The qualitative Indian natural agricultural productions will show the efficient and excellent cultivation capacity of India in foreign countries. The name and fame of Indian agriculturists are transferred to other countries by means of the export of Indian agricultural products. The qualitative nature of the Indian soil is revealed by the super most taste of Indian agricultural products which are exported to foreign countries from India.

Our company will be in a position of expanding its turnover of export business to some more countries other than above mentioned countries. We hope that our trading concern has the chance of expanding the procurement of some more consumer goods besides the above mentioned agricultural goods and commodities. Our trading activities will be focussed on various units and divisions in short future period.